Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As babies grew into their 9 month or so and after successful introduction of single food, babies can share the adult’s food for their meals, as long as you add seasoning to your food only after you dish out her portion and as long as your food is not within the categories of food to be avoided for her age.

Today we have stir-fried free range chicken (kampong chicken) in olive oil with organic onion and pumpkin. I blend a batch for Ashley into lightly coarse texture and the rest goes to our table for dinner.

Yesterday, we had lamb stew with organic carrots, potatoes, celery and organic tomato paste. Ashley had a pureed version of the unseasoned portion and I added seasoning to the rest to go with our dinner dishes.

Over the weekend, she had Spaghetti Bolognese which we had for lunch and the day before that she had regular stir fry organic vegetables, sweet and sour kampong chicken with organic rice that we had for dinner, pulsed into smaller chunks. I usually use organic olive oil for cooking if I intend a portion of them to go to the baby and we usually take free range chicken and organic vegetables for our meals. You could try these for ideas.

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