Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My new food blog and fairy bread again

yippee ai ai yay !!!! My new food blog !!!!

okay, i have posted this at my other blog, which is actually about my 2 kids, but i am going to post this here again, this being MY food blog. Plus, i think delighful stories should be shared.

Fairy bread
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You know what they say about learning something new everyday. Okay, today i learned about Fairy Breads.

Someone in my breastfeeding forum says she fed her 9 month old boy Fairy Bread and he absolutely loves it. And I thought, that sounds so delightful. So, I had to ask, "What's Fairy Bread". The answer came back, "its bread spread with butter with Hundreds and Thousands on it".

Intriqued, i had to ask further, "What are Hundreds and Thousands?"

The answer came back, "Its colourful sprinkles that you sprinkle on cupcakes"

Oh...... i see. So that's what Fairy Breads are.

Enchanting as it sounds, i doubt i will be feeding my little one bread spread with sprinkles, but Fairy Breads and Hundreds and Thousands does sounds intriquing, doesnt it? Like fairies with sprinkles of laughter skipping everywhere.

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