Thursday, December 28, 2006

my taiwanese neighbour and homecook food

My neighbour next door who is from Taiwan had her parents visiting for the month. She had told me that her mom is a great cook. I was informed that i am to look forward to good homecook food from her mom when her mom come over to stay. Her parents arrived yesterday and she passed to me over the fence a box of buttered nut cake from one of the famous cake shop in her hometown in Taipei. She had given me a box of cheese cake before from the same store. Mmmmm…. Srumptious !!!!

She also gave me a pack of the brittle nut snack famed in Taiwan, and a huge pack of dried swordfish, also popular in Taiwan (taste somewhat like those dried cuttlefish snack from our shores). She said her mom used to sprinkle those onto her porridge or rice when she was little and refused to eat meat.

I had left the 2 kids with her dad earlier this morning. Can you beat it? It’s her dad’s first day in Malaysia this year and he's alone at home (my neighbour had gone out with her mom) and there’s me, knocking on their door, asking him if he could mind my kids since I had to rush to court on an emergency basis, husband car having a puncture and we couldnt risk the court striking out the client's case.

After getting a next date (could have been a judgment in default.. LOL) I went home and to pick up the kids from next door. Apparently, her mom cooked her signature dish, the mince meat in soy and onion today,("Ru Loh fan") along with yam and sweet potatoes porridge. Man, I could smell the aroma from MY doorway. This aroma is nothing like homecook food. This has got to be gourmet food. So when I went to pick up the kids, I just had to ask her mom what’s on the stove. She told me the next time she cook that dish, she is going to ask me over to learn how to. In any event, since she had cooked extra for my 2 kids, my neighbour made me take some food home for lunch.

I fed Ashley the moment i step into the house, even though i thought she would still be full, having a big portion of breakfast barely 2 hours ago and a bottle of milk just before i came home. I gotta tell you, I haven’t seen Ashley eating so fast before. She finish all but half of the mince pork, leaving me only mostly the gravy. It did smell and taste that good. She also ate a good size bowl of the yam and sweet potato porridge. She went for her nap with a full tummy.


For her dinner, I pureed the rest of the mince with some of its gravy and fed it to Ashley again with some warm rice. She lap that up too. It was a tad fatty, and i had dug out most of the fat part.

Gee, this is one recipe I just GOT to have. Will post it here when I get that recipe.

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