Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baby's Meatloaf


½ cup ground chicken (about 4 oz)
½ cup steamed diced vegetable
½ cup bread crumbs or organic ground oat
enough milk to bind

Shape into a 2 inch thick loaf cook at 350 until completely done, or microwave for about three minutes.


shoppingmum said...

Congra on your new blog! Keep up with the recipes, I can refer when I'm preparing my kids' meals. :)

Christene's Kitchen said...

hey, my very first comment !! Thanks, shoppingmum, for the hoi cheong. hee hee

The Q Princes said...

Started a new blog huh?!Wow...u really go all out, there u go...US Dollars!Maybe by the end of the day, u might want to consider to change ur expertise to be a cook after all your effort in this cooking blog, ya? LOL

Christene's Kitchen said...

hey, Eve, you got in after all. sure glad to see you. i tell you, man, if i werent a lawyer, i would be a cook.but back then my dad says he wont pay for my semester fees if so.